Discover the Edge of Your Brand

Focus Your Efforts on Significant Things Through the NayaDaya® Empathy Analytics

If your challenge is to have answers to these questions:

  1. What elements in your external and internal brands are the most significant for people?

  2. How do they affect customer and employee behavior?

  3. Where to put your efforts in order to create sustainable competitive edge?

This is what we can reveal with your own data and significant brand elements:

External Brand Matrix – Customers

Example – brand elements are different in each case.

  1. Bubble Size = Significance

  2. Bubble Location = Behavior

  3. Quadrants = Efforts


Internal Brand Matrix – Employees

Example – brand elements are different in each case.

  1. Bubble Size = Significance

  2. Bubble Location = Behavior

  3. Quadrants = Efforts


Your edge can be found, and false assumptions avoided, through empathy, the ability to place yourself into the shoes of people through emotions.

The starting point for making a responsible impact on people, your business, and growth, are the things that matter to your customers and employees. That's how you create engagement, loyalty, and advocacy. That's how you build your edge.

The Brand Matrix provides direct and concrete answers for the strategic management of your brand – to focus your efforts and to strengthen your competitive edge.

This insight is illuminated by the NayaDaya® Empathy Analytics, through science, emotions, and the Finnish-Swiss innovation. You don't need long surveys, only two questions for your customers and employees are required (emotion and a short explanation).

Please book a 20-minute online appointment without commitment. We’ll review how to answer the critical questions for your external and internal brands. Afterwards, you will receive an offer for your own implementation.

NayaDaya Inc. is a Finnish company with a strong expertise in emotions and behavior, and an extensive experience in conducting empathy studies and analytics.

We have explored and analyzed dozens of private and public brands through the scientific NayaNaya® Empathy Analytics*:

Arla | Asikkala municipality | Atria | Aurinkomatkat | Budbee | Centre Party | Christian Democrats of Finland | DB Schenker | DHL | Elisa | Ev.Lut. Church of Finland | FedEx | Finnair | The Finnish Union of Practical Nurses (SuPer) | Finns Party | Fortum | Green League | Heinola city | Hesburger | HUS | Ikea | Ilmajoki municipality | Isku | K-market | Lahti city | Lapinjärvi municipality | Left Alliance | Liminka municipality | Makia | Marimekko | Matkahuolto | McDonald's | Mehiläinen | National Coalition Party | Neste | Nordea | OP | Pihlajalinna | Poliisi | Posti | PostNord | The Finnish Defence Forces | Raasepori city | S-market | Saarioinen | Social Democratic Party of Finland | Stockmann | Swedish People's Party of Finland | Sysmä municipality | Telia | Terveystalo | The Finnish Tax Administration | Tokmanni | TUI | UPS | Valio | Vantaa city | VR | Äänekoski city

* Brands analyzed in collaboration with the brands, the Data & Marketing Association of Finland, or the Media Company MTV in 2020-2021. The results have been published at events, webinars, MTV news broadcasts, and on the NayaDaya’s website.