How to Manage Customer, Employee, and Brand Experiences Through Empathy Analytics™?

NayaDaya Inc. empowers companies and organizations to manage customer, employee, and brand experiences, through the Empathy Analytics™. The unique method is based on emotions, science, and data. By stepping into the shoes of people, it’s possible to reveal diverse experiences and significances, to predict behavior, and to target actions responsibly and effectively. Empathy is a powerful way to create value, commitment, and profitable growth.


Why Emotions, Empathy, and Empathy Analytics™?

Emotions have a crucial influence on customers' and employees' behavior and decision-making. The ability to perceive emotions and different viewpoints behind them, is empathy. The scientific method of identifying those experiences, their root causes, and their impact on people and business, is the basis of Empathy Analytics.

Above all, Empathy Analytics™ unfolds data-based, business critical understanding and action points for managing customer, employee, and brand experiences successfully.

Through Empathy Analytics™, you will

  • Reveal significances – both strong and weak signals

  • Predict their impact on behavior, engagement, and your business

  • Target actions responsibly and effectively

  • Create value, commitment, and profitable growth


Visualizing Your 

How to Get Your Emotion Data?

We collect your data through online panels or surveys from consumers, customers, employees, or other stakeholders.


The empathy study and analytics requires only two questions:

  1. How do you feel about "X"? (your company, organization, brand, or change, for example)

  2. Name the main reason(s) behind your emotion?

Respondents choose from 10 positive and 10 negative emotions, and "no emotions". The multilingual method, covering the full range of human emotions, is based on the scientific research at the University of Geneva, Switzerland.

By combining quantitative and qualitative data, the fundamental insights will be revealed through our algorithm, analytics, and intuitive visualizations.

Customer, Employee, and Brand Factors

Emotion Impact® Matrix

  1. Bubble Size = Significance

  2. Bubble Location = Behavior

  3. Green and Red Square = Actions

The NayaDaya® Matrix includes examples of customer, employee, and brand factors that are different in each case.

Deep Insight Into Customer, Employee, and Brand Experiences

Our other metrics and infographics complement the Emotion Impact® Matrix. From the perspective of your customers and employees, in the context of your company, organization, brand, or change process, for example, you will see emotion profiles, their impact on behavior, as well as behavioral groups of loyals, passives, avoiders, and adversaries.

Our key indicators for customer, employee, and brand experiences are

  • Emotion Ratio®: the weight of positive, negative, and no emotions (insignificance)

  • Emotion Impact®: predicts positive, engaged, and prosocial behavior


Empathy Analytics is Completely Different From Traditional Surveys

  • Business critical understanding and action points – unique insight

  • Empathy through emotions and different viewpoints of people

  • Root causes and consequences of human experiences

  • Predicts behavior and engagement; mere satisfaction does not correlate with engagement

  • Only two questions – goodbye to long surveys

  • Based on science


Brands and Phenomena Analyzed With the NayaDaya® Empathy Analytics™

Arla | Asikkala municipality | Atria | Aurinkomatkat | Budbee | Centre Party | Christian Democrats of Finland | DB Schenker | DHL | Elisa | Ev.Lut. Church of Finland | FedEx | Finnair | The Finnish Union of Practical Nurses (SuPer) | Finns Party | Fortum | Greens | Heinola city | Hesburger | HUS | Ikea | Ilmajoki municipality | Isku | K-market | Kalevala Jewelry | Lahti city | Lapinjärvi municipality | Lappeenranta city | Left Alliance | Liminka municipality | Makia | Marimekko | Matkahuolto | McDonald's | Mehiläinen | National Coalition Party | Neste | Nordea | OP | Pihlajalinna | Poliisi | Posti | PostNord | The Finnish Defence Forces | Raasepori city | S-market | Saarioinen | Social Democratic Party of Finland | Stockmann | Swedish People's Party of Finland | Sysmä municipality | Telia | Terveystalo | The Finnish Tax Administration | Tokmanni | TUI | UPS | Valio | Vantaa city | VR | VMP Group | Äänekoski city


Phenomena: the coronavirus pandemic, politics, elections, health and healthcare, economy, taxation, remote and hybrid work, public transportation, future, independence, and digital news.

[1] Brands and phenomena analyzed in collaboration with the brands, the Data & Marketing Association of Finland, Statista, or the Media Company MTV in 2020-2021.

NayaDaya – the  Empathy Analytics Company

NayaDaya Inc. empowers companies and organizations to manage customer, employee, and brand experiences, through the Empathy Analytics™. Empathy is a powerful way to create value, commitment, and profitable growth.