Sustainability Is an Experience that Engages or Alienates People – Anticipate Reactions

NayaDaya Inc. predicts stakeholder reactions to sustainability in companies and organizations.

Sustainability is an increasingly crucial part of employee and customer experiences.

Empathy Analytics™, based on emotions, science, and data, 1) reveals what matters to people, 2) predicts reactions, and 3) guides actions and communications.

The method is a powerful way to stay up-to-date in an ever-changing world and to build sustainable, profitable growth.

Read further how to unleash the potential of sustainability and to avoid its pitfalls.


 How Do People Perceive Your Sustainability?

Sustainability is not only about actions – it’s an experience, emotional in nature, and it has a strong impact on behavior and business.


This perception that covers especially the ESG elements (environmental, social, and governance) is an increasingly crucial part of employee, customer, and citizen experiences.


Poor sustainability experience leads to a loss of employees, customers, reputation, and trust – also to financial losses. It can be a death sentence for brands. However, at best it is the source of wellbeing, loyalty, growth, and success.

If sustainability experiences are not understood, people's reactions can't be anticipated – and your own actions will be too late.

To truly make a difference to people, environment, and business, sustainability requires empathy – the ability to place oneself into the shoes of employees, customers, and citizens.


Power of Empathy Analytics™: From Insights to Decisions and Sustainable Actions

To successfully understand sustainability experiences and predict reactions, your solution is Empathy Analytics™, a method based on emotions, science, and data.

In the context of sustainability, you will gain critical insights for decision making:

  1. What matters to people?

  2. How will people react?

  3. How to act and communicate?

Compared to traditional surveys and analyzes, Empathy Analytics™ is quick, easy, and cost-effective. It keeps you aware of the things you must know, to navigate on the mine-field of sustainability experiences – and to seize their ever-increasing opportunities.

Identify Sustainability Experiences and Predict Reactions Through Empathy Analytics™


The method is based on the scientific theory of emotions[1], research[2], and the algorithm[3].

[1] Scherer, K.R., Fontaine, J.R.J, & Soriano, C. (2013). Components of Emotional Meaning. Oxford University Press.

[2] Pre-existing scientific research independently conducted and published by the Geneva Emotion Research Group at the University of Geneva.

[3] A scientific algorithm that predicts positive, engaged, and prosocial behavior, developed by NayaDaya Inc.

Sustainability Experience Essentials and Reactions

Example Emotion Impact® Matrix


This Emotion Impact® Matrix is an example. On the right, essential sustainability experience elements emerge from the empathy study and analytics based on spontaneous responses. The polarization of positive and negative emotions and behavior is at its strongest near the vertical line.

Easy to Implement Turnkey Solution and Process to Support Sustainable Growth


Week 1: Starting

Week 2: Collecting Data

Week 3: Analyzing Data and Reporting

Week 4: Reviewing the Results

Decisions and Required Actions


Brands and Phenomena Analyzed With NayaDaya® Empathy Analytics™

Arla | Asikkala municipality | Atria | Aurinkomatkat | Budbee | Centre Party | Christian Democrats of Finland | DB Schenker | DHL | Elisa | Ev.Lut. Church of Finland | FedEx | Finnair | The Finnish Union of Practical Nurses (SuPer) | Finns Party | Fortum | Greens | Heinola city | Helsinki Region Transport | Hesburger | HUS | Ikea | Ilmajoki municipality | Isku | K-market | Kalevala Jewelry | Lahti city | Lapinjärvi municipality | Lappeenranta city | Left Alliance | Liminka municipality | Makia | Marimekko | Matkahuolto | McDonald's | Medikumppani | Mehiläinen | National Coalition Party | Neste | Nordea | OP | Pihlajalinna | Poliisi | Posti | PostNord | The Finnish Defence Forces | Raasepori city | S-market | Saarioinen | Social Democratic Party of Finland | Stockmann | Swedish People's Party of Finland | Sysmä municipality | Telia | Terveystalo | Tokmanni | TUI | UPS | Valio | Vantaa city | VR | VMP Group | Äänekoski city

Phenomena: the coronavirus pandemic, taxation, Finland as a country, US presidential election, digital news, politics , public transportation, health and healthcare, economy, remote and hybrid work, future, independence

Companies, organizations, brands, and phenomena analyzed in collaboration with the customers, Statista, the Data & Marketing Association of Finland, or the Media Company MTV in 2020-2022.