Unique Insight and Fundamental Impact

Strive for your success and mission through understanding, considering, and influencing emotions and behavior.

We pick intriguing brands, industries, and phenomena, and analyze their emotional and behavioral impact among consumers or citizens. We reach the right audiences and collect the high-quality emotion data with top market research companies and online panels, e.g. YouGov and Norstat.

The data is gathered and analyzed through the NayaDaya® Emotional and Behavioral Intelligence, based on the scientific theory[1], research[2], and algorithm[3].

Our unique method is different from traditional metrics that use only one scale. With the NayaDaya® Emotion and Behavior Matrix it’s possible to understand the nature of diverse experiences, as well as to predict behavior and engagement.

We deliver the one-of-a-kind, data-based news and insights to the world through our online portal and ecosystem. Our partner, the data powerhouse Statista, shares our emotional and behavioral data with the global audience.

By considering and influencing behavior, emotions, and meanings behind them, you can strive for your success and mission like never before.

Please download and use our freemium and premium data and reports.

If there are brands or phenomena whose emotional and behavioral impact you would like to know, please contact us. Let's discuss your needs and interests.

[1] Scherer, K.R., Fontaine, J.R.J, & Soriano, C. (2013). Components of Emotional Meaning. Oxford University Press.

[2] Pre-existing scientific research independently conducted and published by the Geneva Emotion Research Group at the University of Geneva.

[3] The Emotional Value Index (EVI) algorithm developed by NayaDaya Inc.

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