Be There for People

Answering the Critical Questions For External and Internal Brands Through the Empathy Analytics

The winning players of the future operate from the perspective and for the benefit of people and environment through empathy.


Science-Based Innovation to Promote Empathy

The NayaDaya® empathy studies and analytics unfold emotions, behavior, and engagement in the context of phenomena and brands. They help the society, companies, and organizations to place themselves in the shoes of their citizens, customers, and employees.


Through data, insight, empathy, and impact, the method strives for the well-being of people, environment, public communities, and business – the winning strategies of the future.

The scientific Finnish-Swiss[1] innovation fills the global empathy gap to solve common crises, to strengthen sustainable development, and to unleash the positive potential of emotions.

The NayaDaya® empathy study subjects, so far, include the corona pandemic, private and public healthcare, the U.S. presidential election, remote and hybrid work, taxation, political parties and voting, many brands, as well as several cities and municipalities, for example.

Through empathy, you can make it better for people and environment, engage your audience, and responsibly promote your mission or business.

1] Pre-existing scientific research independently conducted and published by the Geneva Emotion Research Group at the University of Geneva.


NayaDaya – Eyes of Empathy

NayaDaya Inc. is an empathy analytics company that empowers global community to understand, help, and engage people through empathy.