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Finnish-Swiss Innovation Reveals Brands’ Competitive Edge

The empathy analytics company NayaDaya Inc., which has become familiar to Finns from emotion studies, has made a breakthrough, thanks to which private and public brands, including cities and municipalities, get answers to their critical questions.

The NayaDaya® Empathy Analytics based on emotions and science answers three questions about the brand:

  1. What elements in external and internal brands are the most significant for people?

  2. How do they affect customer and employee behavior?

  3. Where to put efforts in order to create sustainable competitive edge?

Long customer and employee surveys are not required. Only two questions are asked: How do you feel about the brand? Explain in a few words why you feel like you do? The experience is selected from 10 positive and 10 negative emotions. A few words are enough for a spontaneous reasoning.

The Empathy Analytics processes emotions and reasoning with a scientific algorithm[1]. The end result is a Brand Matrix that answers the three critical questions of the external and internal brand in an intuitive, visual, and simple way. The survey method and the analytics are based on the scientific emotion theory[2] and research[3].

“Years of development and numerous studies have led to a method that produces a tangible understanding to support strategic branding. Empathy analytics combines emotions and meanings of a brand through the means of science. For example, the brand can see the real weight of responsibility and its impact on customer and employee behavior,” says Timo Salomäki, Chief Product Officer at NayaDaya Inc.

“The focus is on identifying and improving competitive edge. What elements of the brand experience are worth strengthening, what to maintain, what to transform, and what to fix? We illustrate both strong and weak signals. Our Empathy Analytics can be used to place oneself in the shoes of people, to create human well-being, and to build sustainable competitive edge,” emphasizes Timo Järvinen, CEO at NayaDaya Inc.

“We believe that the success of brands in the future will be increasingly based on empathy. The essence of the brand is emotional, and the ability to consider emotions separate the wheat from the chaff. We now offer this capability to brands in a form that gives the management team direct and concrete answers. Data replaces gut feelings and possible false assumptions,” says Jussi-Pekka Laakso, Chairman of the Board at NayaDaya Oy.

Companies and organizations - see an example of an external and internal Brand Matrix:

Cities and municipalities - see an example of an internal and external Brand Matrix:

Further information:

Timo Järvinen, CEO, Co-founder, NayaDaya Inc., tel. +358 40 505 7745,

Timo Salomäki, Chief Product Officer, NayaDaya Inc., tel. +358 40 709 2399,

Jussi-Pekka Laakso, Chairman, NayaDaya Inc., tel. +358 40 551 8046,

NayaDaya Inc. is an empathy analytics company that helps companies and organizations to place themselves in the shoes of their customers and employees. Through science and emotions, with only two questions and the NayaDaya® Empathy Analytics, it’s possible to 1) identify the significant elements in external and internal brands, 2) see their impact on behavior, and 3) prioritize efforts. This creates sustainable competitive edge. Further information at

[1] The Emotional Value Index (EVI) algorithm developed by NayaDaya Inc.

[2] Scherer, K.R., Fontaine, J.R.J, & Soriano, C. (2013). Components of Emotional Meaning. Oxford University Press.

[3] Pre-existing scientific research independently conducted and published by the Geneva Emotion Research Group at the University of Geneva.


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