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Webinar Recording: Introducing People Risk Analytics™ for M&A

In the webinar recording on Feb 28 by Deloitte and NayaDaya Analytics, unlock the future of your post-merger success with a breakthrough in science, technology, empathy, and AI. Discover how a pioneering analytics tool delivers concrete action recommendations to minimize people-related risks and prevent M&A failures. Watch the webinar recording to

gain essential insights into transforming your integration outcomes.

Running men, with a world map in the background illustrating the global expansion of the innovative People Risk Analytics solution based on science, technology, empathy, and AI.

The outcome of critical M&A investments and transformations depends on people. Despite their significance, the people-related risks—such as employee turnover, quiet quitting, and productivity collapse—are not known as well as they should.

For years, NayaDaya Analytics and Deloitte have collaborated on developing emotional and behavioral science to promote successful mergers, acquisitions, and transformations. Through innovative advancements, scientific analytics have been developed to unveil deep insights into people-related risks with minimal effort. With People Risk Analytics™, you can identify the levels of people risk and their root causes by asking employees just three intuitive questions.

Thanks to the collaboration between NayaDaya Analytics and Deloitte, we have introduced a groundbreaking advancement. Leveraging process intelligence, science, and AI, the People Risk Analytics™ platform now generates concrete action recommendations to minimize people risks and prevent failures in post-merger integrations and transformations.

This disruptive solution has been tested and proven in the real world.

Don't miss this opportunity to be at the forefront of knowing how to use this new innovation to secure your M&A and transformation investments against people-related breakdowns.

Gain insights from Tapio Koivumäki, Partner and Operational M&A Advisory Leader at Deloitte, and Timo Järvinen, CEO and Co-founder of NayaDaya Analytics Inc., as they lead this enlightening webinar in English.

Deloitten Tapio Koivumäki ja NayaDaya Analyticsin Timo Järvinen

​The webinar is free for everyone – we warmly invite you to join us!

Further information:

Minna Järvinen

NayaDaya Analytics Inc.


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