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Ikea and Isku: Consumer Emotions and Behavior – Premium Data and Report

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The study reveals illuminating insight into emotional and behavioral impact of Ikea and Isku, the Swedish and the Finnish brands on the furniture and interior industry. By downloading it you are accepting these terms and conditions.

Please feel free to download and use the freemium data – The data and report includes e.g. the key findings of the study, the behavior matrix with brands that evoke the most each behavior, the emotion matrix with the brands that evoke the most each emotion, top 3 emotions for each brand, and the Emotional Value Index for each brand.

The premium package for sale includes the free data plus

  • The big picture of the consumer behavior for each brand (positive-negative valence and engagement)
  • The impact of personal brand experience on valence and engagement
  • The consumer behavior matrix with percentages for each brand (loyals, passives, leavers, and adversaries)
  • The effect of personal experience on consumer behavior for each brand (matrices & percentages)
  • The consumer emotions and meanings behind them for each brand
  • The impact of personal experience on emotions
  • Excel data with details and diagrams

Brands can be designed to build loyalty, positive reputation, and competitive edge by considering and influencing behavior, emotions, and
 meanings behind them.

More about the emotional and behavioral impact of brands and phenomena at

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