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Empathy Analytics™ – Easily Repeatable Snapshots

Empathy Analytics™ is not a project but a unique tool and process that creates and updates critical snapshots of the root causes for employee and customer engagement and disengagement, loyalty and avoidance.

The use of Empathy Analytics™ does not burden people. The intuitive, short online survey has ready-made questions: emotions towards one context, strenght of emotions, free-form root causes, and background variables. Long, traditional surveys are not needed and no personal data is collected.

Surveys can be targeted at different groups of people, also in different countries and language areas. Consumers can be reached through online panels in cooperation with YouGov.

The collection and processing of emotion data utilizes the scientific research of the University of Geneva and the method of studying emotions[1,2].

Reasons for Engagement and Avoidance 

The data is analyzed on our platform with a scientific algorithm[3]. The solution identifies the root causes for engagement and avoidance as well as their weight.

The digital platform and the agile service create illustrative infographics, key figures, and visual reports. The results can be reviewed together.

Up-To-Date Snapshots

The results reveal in a unique way the root causes that engage or disengage employees in employers, work, or post-merger integrations or customers in brands, producst or services.

Empathy Analytics™ is not a project but a process. It is easy to repeat the analysis round, for example, 1-4 times a year in order to create up-to-date snapshopts and to continuously improve the results.

Find out the reasons for employee or customer loyalty and loss with an agile and affordable starter package.

[1] Based on the scientific research conducted by the University of Geneva.

[2] Scherer, K.R., Fontaine, J.R.J, & Soriano, C. (2013). Components of Emotional Meaning. Oxford University Press.

[3] A scientific algorithm that predicts positive, engaged, and prosocial behavior, developed by NayaDaya Inc.

Effective Process of Four Weeks

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