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Find the Missing Piece of Sustainability From Employee Experiences

Sustainability is an increasingly crucial part of the employee experience. The way your employees perceive the environmental, social, and governance aspects of sustainability (ESG), has a strong impact on behavior: employee loyalty and loss – and the Great Resignation.

Through Empathy Analytics™, based on emotions, science, and data, you will gain invaluable insights in the context of sustainability and ESG factors:
  • What is significant to people?
  • Influence on behavior and commitment?
  • How to focus actions and communications?
With this critical understanding, you are able to avoid risks, to build an edge, and to create higher value to people, the planet, and your business.
Empathy and ROI are two sides of the same coin – Empathy Analytics™ is also about effective use of your budget.
Get familiar with this unique method  and utilize this special offer, valid in August, 2022:
  • Audience up to 500 employees (all employees or a target group)

  • All included (online survey, analytics, visual report, online workshop)

  • Total price only 3,900 €

  • Order during August and implement at the time of your choice!

Get an intuitive snapshopt of sustainability without burdening your organization.

Interested? Please  book an appointment  or fill out the contact request. We are excited to take the first steps of empathy together with you!

VAT 24 % is added to the price.


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