Vastuullisuuden Study Results and Webinar: Impact on Country Brand at Dubai Expo – Case Finland


How Finland's investments in the Dubai Expo 2020 influence the most significant elements of the country brand? 

Free webinar in English: Wednesday, December 8, 2021


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Countries around the world have made substantial investments in the Dubai World Expo in the United Arab Emirates. Finland built its pavilion around the theme of Sharing Future Happiness.

In November 2021, Business Finland, Haaga-Helia university of applied sciences, and the empathy analytics company NayaDaya Inc. conducted an empathy study at the Dubai Expo 2020 in order to understand how the World Expo visitors feel about Finland. Over 2,000 visitors took part in the study. The study method used was the scientific NayaDaya® Empathy Analytics.

The empathy study results higlight the most significant images of Finland around the world. The results reveal the effects of Finland's investments on the country brand: what is Finland known for before and after the pavilion visit – northern lights or happy people, sauna or new innovations?

The study results will be published and the questions answered in the free webinar on December 8, 2021, accompanied by Severi Keinälä, Commissioner General at Business Finland, Timo Järvinen, CEO and Co-founder at NayaDaya Inc., and Maria Kausto-Turner, HR Strategist and Head of People and Culture at NayaDaya Inc.


Severi Keinälä

Timo Järvinen

Maria Kausto-Turner

Webinar agenda (45 min)

Finland at Dubai Expo 2020 – Sharing Future Happiness

Severi Keinälä, Business Finland

Empathy Study Results: Impact on Finland's Country Brand at Dubai Expo 2020

  • How do World Expo visitors feel about Finland?

  • How do those emotions influence behavior and engagement?

  • What are the most significant elements of Finland's country brand among the visitors?
  • How does Finland's pavilion affect the brand and image of Finland?

  • How have the investments in Finland's pavilion met the goals at the Dubai World Expo?

  • How the Finnish innovation, the scientific empathy analytics, helps to explore brands and target actions?

Severi Keinälä, Business Finland

Timo Järvinen, NayaDaya Inc.

We invite all public and private brand developers and leaders in different countries, political decision makers, and media representatives – as well as everyone who is interested in country brands, especially Finland, to join us!

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