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In the race to sustainability, there is more and more to win and lose

The Global Race to Sustainability – What Is Missing?

In the accelerating global race to sustainability, mere compliance does not provide an advantage. Competitive edge arises from employee and customer experiences. Moreover, ignoring ESG experiences is a significant risk. 

Experiences toward environmental, social, and governance (ESG) sides of sustainability carry a higher value and significance, with a critical impact on people, the planet, and your business.

Through emotions, these experiences have a strong effect on employee and customer behavior: loyalty and loss.


Sustainability experiences with their emotional aspects and behavioral influences are barely recognized. Without these crucial insights, you

  • Make decisions half-blind

  • Lose potential for higher value and competitive edge

  • Expose your company to considerable risks


For every company, there is more and more to win and lose.

Higher Value From Sustainability Through Empathy and Experiences

Sustainability experiences can be explored through Empathy Analytics™, based on emotions, science, and data. The method creates an intuitive snapshot of the environmental, social, and governance (ESG) aspects of sustainability.

Deeper Dive into Two Sides of ESG: Compliance and Experience

ESG is a widely used framework for environmental, social, and governance aspects of sustainability. With increasing reporting obligations you should remember that compliance is only the baseline for the worldwide race to sustainability. The real competition takes place in the level of experience and behavior.

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