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NayaDaya  – Build an Edge by Being Worthy of Sustainable People


NayaDaya Inc. empowers its customers to build growth and competitive edge by being worthy of sustainable people.


There is no time to waste, as employees, customers, and investors increasingly commit to responsible companies and choose who will survive and who will not.


Based on emotions, science, and data, Empathy Analytics™ uniquely identifies action points for earning engagement and succeeding.

The origins of the words Naya and Daya is in India. Naya represents different viewpoints, and Daya stands for compassion. Together Naya and Daya, as well as the green NayaDaya symbol, are about empathy, interaction, and the circle of good.

NayaDaya symbol is about empathy, interaction, and balance
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Empathy and sustainability are about creating value to people, the environment, and your business

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