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NayaDaya – Eyes of Empathy

NayaDaya Inc. is an empathy analytics company that reveals the way emotions and behavior interact with phenomena and brands.

Through data, insight, empathy, and impact, we empower organizations, authorities, brands, and leaders to strive for a sustainable change.

If you respect science, empathy, and data, we would love to discuss with you.

Timo Järvinen

CEO, Partner


tel. +358 40 505 7745

Jussi-Pekka Laakso

Chief Operating Officer, Partner


tel. +358 40 551 8046

Hanna Heinonen

Tommi Makkonen

Chief Intelligence Officer, Partner


tel. +358 50 571 3878

Customer Success Manager


tel. +358 50 564 4994

Maria Kausto-Turner

Head of People and Culture, Partner


tel. +358 40 353 5851

Sanna Niemelä

Head of Business Control, Partner


tel. +358 50 331 7096

Timo Salomäki

Chief Product Officer, Global Growth,  Partner, timos[at]nayadaya.com

tel. +358 40 709 2399

Minna Järvinen

CMO, Partner


tel. +358 40 508 6507

Marcello Mortillaro

Ph.D, Senior Scientist, Scientific Advisor, Partner


Anne-Birgitta Pessi

Professor of Church and Social Studies, Advisor for Compassion and Business Ethics, Partner


tel. +358 41 544 3424

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