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Consumers Lose Their Interest in Elisa and Telia

The positively engaged consumers turn into passives and leavers when they have personal experience of Elisa or Telia.

Illuminating insights into the major Finnish brands on the telecommunications and digital services industry are based on the Brands’ Emotional Value study that was published in the spring of 2020. The most common emotions for both brands among 18-65 year old Finnish people were contentment, disappointment, and interest.

The NayaDaya® Emotion and Behavior Matrix reveals the consumer feelings for Elisa and Telia as well as the behavior they evoke. Contentment or satisfaction is about fulfilling customers’ needs sufficiently – promises have been kept. The so-called valence is very positive, but there’s no engagement. Actually contentment is more about disengagement and passive behavior. Disappointment is about failing promises and expectations, it’s business consequences include customer churn and financial losses. Interest, in turn, means positive engagement: Loyalty and advocacy.

Based on the scientific emotion analytics, more than 1/3 of the consumers are loyals and advocates (positive-engaged) to the both brands. Elisa has more passive (positive-disengaged) customers, Telia more leavers (negative-disengaged). For the both brands, expected behavior is more positive and engaged if the consumers don’t have a personal experience of the brand.

Among new customers, the both brands arouse a lot of interest. However, those brand images lose their positive, engaging power and turn into contentment or disappointment, in consequence of the personal brand experience.

“The emotional impact of Elisa and Telia shows consumers as a target audience being more interested in brand promises – their interest to their mobile operators seems fading when becoming their actual customers. Disengagement implies vulnerabililty to competition – competitors may attract customers through highly engaging interest”, says Timo Järvinen, CEO of NayaDaya Inc.

Elisa (EVI 50/100) beat Telia (EVI 45/100) in the Emotional Value Index that predicts positive, engaged, and prosocial behavior among consumers.

The study was conducted by NayaDaya Inc. and the Data & Marketing Association of Finland in collaboration with the market-research company Norstat.

The premium data and report with the brand-specific emotion and behavior data and variables is available for a fee on the NayaDaya® Premium Data Store.

Sources of further information:

Timo Järvinen, CEO and co-founder of NayaDaya Inc., tel. +358 40 505 7745,

NayaDaya Inc. uncovers the emotional and the behavioral impact of brands and phenomena. Through data-driven insight, it is possible to understand and influence emotional experiences, behavior, and engagement. The high-quality data is based on scientific theory, research, and analytics. NayaDaya strives for empathy, to empower responsible brands and organizations to thrive and shape the world. Data and further information are available at


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