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Find Out the Root Causes for Engagement and Avoidance With Empathy Analytics™

Emotions, science and data do what traditional surveys or metrics cannot.

Empathy Analytics™ uses emotions and science to answer the most critical question of companies, brands, and organizations: what are the root causes of employer and customer engagement and avoidance?

The answers tell you where to focus actions to build commitment, and profitable, sustainable growth.

Examples of using Empathy Analytics™ in different contexts:

  • Brand (company, product, or service) and customers –what creates customer loyalty or loss?

  • Employer/job and employees – what increases employee retention or attrition?

  • Sustainability and employees – what increases employee commitment or turnover?

  • Mergers and acquisitions and employees – what engages people in the post-merger integration and increases retention, what causes people to leave their jobs, productivity to collapse, and M&A to fail?

The right moment to ask the crucial questions and get your answers is now: People make choices based on their emotions all the time. They change jobs, brands, products, services  – they do things and leave things undone. They vote with their feet and wallets and decide who earn their commitment.

If you know what makes people engage in or avoid what you represent and promote, everything is easier and more effective. You will get the answers from Empathy Analytics™, emotions, and science – in a way that traditional surveys or metrics are not capable of.

See how Empathy Analytics™ is implemented in practice.

See how Empathy Analytics™can be used in practice.

Example Infographics

Root Causes for Employee and Customer Behavior


This infographic is an example. The root causes of behavior emerge from Empathy Analytics™ case by case.


Emotion Impact® predicts positive, engaged, and prosocial behavior on the scale of 0-100. The indicator may be used to monitor and compare the level of commitment in different contexts.

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