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Caverion's M&A Focus on Successful Integrations and Managing People-Related Risks

Since Caverion and Assemblin merged, the success of post-merger integrations in Finland has been supported by the solution from NayaDaya Analytics Inc. This science- and AI-based Finnish-Swiss innovation helps mitigate people-related risks and focus on the right issues.

Photo: Caverion Image Bank

Caverion grew in the Finnish market in the spring of 2024 when Assemblin and Caverion merged to become the leading provider of technical services and installations in Northern Europe, focusing on smart and sustainable solutions. In growth driven by acquisitions, the most important resource is the people.

To support the execution of employee-centric integrations, Caverion chose the solution developed by the Finnish company NayaDaya Analytics Inc. People Risk Analytics™ is based on science, artificial intelligence, and M&A process expertise. This advanced method and technology identifies people risk levels and root causes with just three questions and provides action recommendations.

"People Risk Analytics is an agile, fast, and targeted solution that allows us to see the integration through the eyes of the employees. The short survey is easy and quick to respond to. The new understanding helps us connect with people, and the results are visualized in an intuitive way," says Anne Paasikari, VP, Head of HR and HSEQ at Caverion Finland.

"It is important to us that People Risk Analytics provides predictive information about employees' experiences, perspectives, and engagement during integrations. The illustrative snapshots and concrete recommendations help us react quickly and focus our actions on the right issues. We want to ensure that our people remain motivated and confident," emphasizes Tapio Lajunen, VP, Head of Growth and Technologies at Caverion Finland.

Humanity in Post-Merger Integrations

Based on many studies, M&A processes and integrations often face significant challenges, especially related to personnel and corporate culture. Typical problems include high employee turnover and decreased productivity. At Caverion, it is believed that an integration that listens to and values employees is beneficial for both people and business.

"We strive to ensure a smooth and inspiring integration experience for the transitioning employees. It is essential for us that people feel heard and appreciated with their diverse perspectives. With NayaDaya Analytics' method, we now gain a comprehensive understanding and actionable insights without a heavy process and laborious handling of responses," states Jussi Lehtonen, VP, Head of Strategy, Integrations, and M&A at Caverion Finland.

The cooperation between Caverion and NayaDaya Analytics Inc. has progressed rapidly and with positive results.

"NayaDaya Analytics helps us succeed in integrations. The experienced team has delved into our business, and the operations are systematic, clearly described, and well documented. The leadership of the partnership and the standardized process have been professional, proactive, and comprehensive. The collaboration has started very well," summarizes Anne Paasikari.

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Caverion is an expert for smart and sustainable built environments, enabling performance and people’s well-being. Customers can trust our expertise during the entire life cycle of their buildings, infrastructure or industrial sites and processes: from installation and maintenance of base and smart technologies, to managed services as well as advisory and engineering services and digital solutions. Our customers are supported by about 15,000 Caverion professionals in 10 countries in Northern and Central Europe. Our revenue in 2023 was about EUR 2.5 billion.

In April 2024, Caverion and Assemblin combined to create a leading northern European technical service and installation company, Assemblin Caverion Group. Together, we are approximately 22,000 skilled professionals in 10 countries, sharing the passion for smart and sustainable solutions. Our combined revenue amounts to approximately EUR 3.8 billion.

NayaDaya Analytics Inc. pioneers in People Risk Analytics™, offering a game-changing solution to identify people-related risks and avoid financially significant failures in mergers, acquisitions, and transformations. The patent-pending method and technology combines science-based algorithms, AI, empathy, and social sustainability. Discover more at


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