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Do You Deserve Commitment With Your Sustainability?

Employees', customers', and investors' desire to have an impact is an enormous opportunity for companies and organizations. Do you want to be the one people attach to or the one they bypass?" writes Timo Järvinen, CEO of the empathy analytics company NayaDaya Inc.

People have a strong potential for sustainability. In our studies, the desire to understand, participate, and influence has become visible.

People have an increasing tendency to engage in sustainable activities and companies. The emotional impact of sustainability and unsustainability on the behavior of employees, customers, and investors is one of the biggest opportunities – and also threats – for companies and organizations of our time.

It's about competitive edge in the natural selection, where sustainability increases inevitably. People vote with their feet and credit cards and engage with employers and brands that empower them to be responsible and avoid irresponsibility. The winners are the ones who deserve people's participation, trust, and commitment.

Right now, every company and organization should ask whether they are worthy of the commitment of their employees, customers, and investors.

Is Compliance Enough?

Is it enough to comply with EU directives and prepare appropriate reports? Is enough being done if DEI perspectives (diversity, equity, inclusion) are taken into account?

Our studies show that compliance as such does not move people's emotions or strengthen engagement. DEI areas are relevant but only part of sustainability and not always the primary sources of commitment.

So what should you focus on? There are no ready-made answers, they vary in companies and organizations and at different times. The answers are not found in traditional metrics or reports, but in your employees' and customers' emotions and their root causes.

So don't ask the question to yourself, but to your employees and customers. And don't focus on satisfaction, which does not correlate at all with engagement. Put yourself in people's shoes and rely on empathy.

What Is Engaging and What Is Not?

Through emotions, science,and data, you can easily find out what is significant to people in your company's or organization's sustainability or unsustainability.

Empathy Analytics™ tells you what is engaging your employees and customers and what they would rather avoid. It points out where to focus actions and communications, to make your company or organization worthy of people's engagement.

The author of the blog post is Timo Järvinen, CEO of the Finnish empathy analytics company NayaDaya Inc.

Timo Järvinen, tel. +358 40 505 7745, timo.jarvinen[at]

NayaDaya Inc. empowers its customers to work for their stakeholders’ aspirations for sustainability. Employees, customers, and investors are increasingly committed to responsible activities and companies. Empathy Analytics™, based on emotions, science, and data, is a unique way to reveal action points for earning engagement and loyalty. Further information at


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