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Study: Root Causes of Loyalty Explored – Effects on Well-Being Engage VitaePro Subscribers

The effects of VitaePro, one of the most used nutritional supplements in the Nordic countries, engage users in both the short and long term. The reasons for VitaePro's customer loyalty were studied with NayaDaya® Empathy Analytics®, based on emotions and science.

More than a thousand people who use or have used the VitaePro nutritional supplement responded to the survey about the emotions and their root causes in the context of the VitaePro brand.

More than two-thirds of the respondents experience purely positive emotions towards the nutritional supplement, and about ten percent only negative emotions. Customer experience is characterized by contentment, interest, and relief. Emotion Impact®, which predicts customers' positive, engaged, and prosocial behavior, received a value of 65/100 – the result is good in a general comparison of brands.

Unlike traditional surveys, Empathy Analytics® shows which concrete reasons engage or disengage customers. What creates customer loyalty or loss? A new kind of understanding is based on emotions and scientific knowledge about the behavioral effects of emotions.

Well-being and help with joint problems engage customers

The strong signals from the analysis show that behind the engagement of VitaePro's customers are especially the product's positive effects on well-being, endurance, quality of life – and particularly on joint problems.

VitaePro's advertising and recommendations generate interest and engagement, especially in the early stages of the customer journey.

"When comparing different customer audiences, we noticed that the power of the product strongly engages customers already within the first months. Long-term use clearly emphasizes the fulfillment of expectations. With the help of empathy analytics, we aim to identify the root causes of loyalty and loss in different customer segments. This information makes it possible for us to understand and serve our customers even better," says Anu Mäkinen, Head of VitaeLab Finland.

More information

Anu Mäkinen, Head of VitaeLab Finland, tel. +358 40 592 1991,

Timo Järvinen, CEO, NayaDaya Inc., tel. +358 40 505 7745,

VitaePro is one of the most used food supplements in the Nordic countries and it is designed to support the well-being of muscles and joints, immunity and reduce fatigue. The versatile composition combines carefully selected and scientifically studied antioxidants, various vitamins, omega-3 fatty acids and plant extracts.

In Finland VitaePro is sold and marketed by NutraQ Oy, which is part of the Orkla group. The products are delivered directly to the customer's home as a subscription service with terms tailored to the customer's needs and wishes. More information

NayaDaya Inc. empowers its customers to identify the root causes of engagement and avoidance among their stakeholders. Empathy Analytics®, based on emotions, science, and data, reveals the reasons for employee and customer loyalty and loss, for example. Recurring snapshots help companies and organizations to target their actions, to build sustainable, profitable growth. Further information at


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