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How logistics brands influence consumers in the era of corona and growing e-commerce?

New study reveals logistics brands’ effects on consumer emotions and behavior – Matkahuolto gave the most positive feelings, and Budbee triggered the strongest sense of engagement.

The study analyzed Finnish consumers’ relationship with logistics brands in the current market climate, characterized by the coronavirus pandemic and growth of the online retail sector.

The brands included in the study were Budbee, DB Schenker, DHL, FedEx, Matkahuolto, Finland’s postal service Posti, PostNord, and UPS. The researchers predicted the emotions’ impact on behavior by using a scientific brand matrix on the level of individual brands and the sector as a whole:

1. Loyals and advocates 56%

2. Passives 26%

3. Leavers 15%

4. Adversaries 3%

“More than half of the responses predicted loyalty and willingness to promote the brand. The most common emotion was interest, which triggers participation, engagement, and attraction. In online retail operations, logistics companies play an important role in the creation of the customer experience in online shopping. With the market situation changing rapidly, various operators’ roles also are in flux,” explains Jari Perko, CEO of the Data & Marketing Association of Finland (DMA).

In the study, Matkahuolto emerged as the brand eliciting the most positive emotions while Posti was the least positive in this respect. Budbee triggered the strongest feeling of engagement and Posti the weakest. Ranked by means of the Emotional Value Index (EVI), which predicts positive, engaged, and prosocial behavior, the top three brands were FedEx, Budbee, and DHL. Whether the brand is new or enjoys established status is connected to consumers’ emotions: Newcomer Budbee triggered stronger interest than, for example, either Matkahuolto or Posti.

Kaisa Ilola, who is responsible for Posti’s customer experience and brand, commented, “Posti as a brand is 400 years old, and we have undergone several eras of turmoil in the course of our history. The latest of these is the rapid decrease in the number of letters and increase in parcels that we are currently seeing. In this new situation, we are painstakingly rebuilding our relationship with consumers. We have plenty to do, but I believe that there is every chance that people will find us again.”

Meanwhile, Matkahuolto’s director of parcel services, Kati Nevalainen, said, “More than 90 percent of Finns see Matkahuolto as a strong choice for a parcel delivery operator, and this study have shown that we have the most satisfied customers. This high level of satisfaction is reflected in customer behavior too – our market share increased last year, and strong growth has continued into 2020. We are pleased that our long-term work to develop our quality and customer experience is producing such good results. We will continue to invest in continuous development.”

As for DB Schenker, its CEO, Petteri Nurmi, said, “Logistics in online retail is a competitive field, and we have assumed the role of a challenger. We are extremely happy that we came second for customer satisfaction in the study. Our success is attested to also by our position ahead of our main competitors, as measured with the EVI.”

The Finnish company NayaDaya Inc. studies the emotions and behavior that connect consumers and individuals to brands and phenomena. Emotions have a strong impact on behavior.

“The brand is realized by people’s behavior. By taking behavior, emotions, and meanings into account, brands can be designed to enhance loyalty, customer retention, reputation, and competitive edge. We are talking about everyday things that can be understood and influenced,” explains NayaDaya Inc.’s CEO, Timo Järvinen.

The study was commissioned by Posti and jointly conducted by NayaDaya Inc. and the Data & Marketing Association of Finland in collaboration with market-research company Norstat. A thousand Finns who had bought products online in the preceding three months participated in the study. Their responses were collected in June 2020.

The premium data and report with all the brand-specific emotion and behavior data, and all the details and variables, is available for a fee on the NayaDaya® Data Store.

Sources of further information:

Timo Järvinen, CEO and co-founder of NayaDaya Inc., tel. +358 40 505 7745,

NayaDaya Inc. uncovers the emotional and the behavioral impact of brands and phenomena. Through data-driven insight, it is possible to understand and influence emotional experiences, behavior, and engagement. The high-quality data is based on scientific theory, research, and analytics. NayaDaya strives for empathy, to empower responsible brands and organizations to thrive and shape the world. Data and further information are available at


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