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M&A Breakthrough: AI & Science-Driven People Risk Analytics™

Transforming post-merger integrations, NayaDaya Analytics unveils its new People Risk Analytics™ for M&A. Leveraging science and AI, this method and technology revolutionizes post-merger integrations by addressing people-related risks and providing action recommendations with unprecedented precision.

AI in M&A – People at the office

Mergers and acquisitions are significant investments with high goals and substantial risks, which too often materialize. These failures are frequently attributed to people-related issues. Despite their significance, people risks – such as employee turnover and productivity collapse – are not as well understood as they should be.

A groundbreaking approach has now emerged in the M&A landscape. Unlike any solution before, People Risk Analytics™, developed in collaboration between NayaDaya Analytics and Deloitte, precisely targets these challenges by pairing the human value with the forefront of emotion and behavior science and artificial intelligence.

"Our patent-pending method and technology not only identify the risks associated with people but also deliver concrete action recommendations to secure integrations from people-related breakdowns. Amazingly, it provides this crucial information by asking employees only three intuitive questions," says Petri Järvinen, CEO and Partner at NayaDaya Analytics Inc.

"Our worldwide experience in M&A has shown us the critical impact of people-related risks on the success of post-merger integrations. To effectively reveal and address the often fatal people risk factors in integrations, we recommend People Risk Analytics™ as a valuable addition to the change management tool kit. This pioneering solution, going beyond all traditional methods, is sophisticated, yet very simple, intuitive, and scalable for users," says Tapio Koivumäki, Partner, Operational M&A, Advisory Leader at Deloitte.

"With our unique innovation, already validated in the real world, we can support companies with acquisition targets ranging from ten to tens of thousands of employees. Our standardized process ensures high efficiency. We offer straightforward use of our technology and service platform. Depending on our customers' needs, Deloitte can also support in the field of change management and with broader integration topics," continues Petri Järvinen.

"When integrations fail due to people issues, the fault lies in execution, leadership, and communication, not with the employees. Our value lies in preventing significant financial losses, avoiding distress among people, and promoting sustainable change and growth. Our fusion of science, AI, and M&A process intelligence is a major shift in the game; however, it demands an ethical approach. Our guide for every AI-driven action is 'be kind to people and the planet'," says Timo Järvinen, Co-Founder, Value Creator & Evangelist at NayaDaya Analytics Inc.

In addition to post-merger integrations, the solution can also be used in other transformations and investment projects. People Risk Analytics™ is a trademark of NayaDaya Analytics Inc., a startup company based in Finland.

Further Information

NayaDaya Analytics Inc. pioneers in People Risk Analytics™, offering a game-changing solution to identify people-related risks and avoid financially significant failures in mergers, acquisitions, and transformations. The patent-pending method and technology combines science-based algorithms, AI, empathy, and social sustainability. Discover more at


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