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Nurses' working conditions raise negative emotions

In July, SuPer continued to listen to the feelings of its members: More than half of the respondents experienced negative feelings about their own working conditions.

Of the negative feelings about one's own working conditions, disappointment (23%), anger (9%), sadness (6%) and fear (5%) emerged the most. The most common positive emotions were contentment (17%), compassion (5%), joy (5%), and relief (5%).

The effects of emotions on behavior were studied using the scientific algorithm and matrix. The largest group was leavers – 42 percent of responses predicted stagnant behavior. The result reflects the same problem that arose in June in connection with SuPer members ’own work: Negative, crippling feelings are a risk for caregivers to stay in the industry.

In the July survey, nurses' patterns of behavior in relation to their own working conditions are distributed as follows:

  • Loyals 27%

  • Passives 20%

  • Leavers 42%

  • Adversaries 11%

The survey also examined caregivers ’experiences of authorities' decisions during the corona epidemic. Experiences had become more positive than in June. Contentment (26%) and relief (12%) increased, and disappointment (16%) decreased. Fear (10%) remained broadly unchanged.

The effects of the authorities 'decisions on carers' behavior tended to be positive:

  • Loyals 34%

  • Passives 27%

  • Leavers 32%

  • Adversaries 7%

The experience of SuPer evoked positive feelings in as many as 83% of the respondents.

In July, almost 4,000 SuPer members responded to a survey conducted in cooperation with NayaDaya Inc.

Further Information:

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The Finnish Union of Practical Nurses SuPer is the largest trade union in Finland for social services and health care professionals. SuPer is a strong and brave advocate of its 90,000 members, a developer of the profession and training as well as a social influencer that also participates in international activities. Further information:

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