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Pioneer of Science/AI-Based M&A People Risk Analytics™ Gears Up for Growth With New CEO

Aiming for global growth, NayaDaya Analytics Inc. welcomes Petri Järvinen, returning from Singapore to Finland, as its new CEO and Partner. Co-founder Timo Järvinen will now focus on enhancing customer value through the science-based and AI-powered People Risk Analytics™. Alongside their innovative team and investors, the brothers have high expectations for their disruptive solution, built to prevent people-related M&A integration failures.

NayaDaya Analytics Inc.'s long-term product development has culminated in an unprecedented fusion of emotion and behavior science with artificial intelligence. This innovation aims to mitigate the high people-related risks associated with post-merger integrations and transformations. The solution, pointing out action recommendations to avoid the M&A failures, has been developed in collaboration with Deloitte and already tested and proven in the real world.

The foundation for growth was laid in the first quarter of 2024. January saw the closure of a funding round, welcoming six new investors and experts on board. February marked the launch of the new science-based and AI-powered People Risk Analytics™. In addition, a patent application was filed for the game-changing method and technology.

On March 1, the NayaDaya Analytics team will be significantly strengthened as Petri Järvinen assumes the role of CEO and Partner. With a successful track record in multinational companies, particularly in sales and business leadership roles throughout the 21st century, including the last ten years at Avanade (a subsidiary of Accenture) in Singapore, he is well-equipped to guide the startup towards global growth.

Co-founder Timo Järvinen, previously CEO and leader in inventing science-based innovations and transforming them into valuable customer solutions, will now fully dedicate himself to designing, delivering, and communicating the unique value and sharp competitive edge to customers, partners, and the wider society.

Petri Järvinen and Timo Järvinen share a bond that extends beyond brotherhood, having worked together earlier for many years as business partners, including a successful shared exit.

"As the new CEO of NayaDaya Analytics, I am thrilled to lead our engaged team and business in addressing the substantial people-related risks in M&A integrations and transformations. Our focus on human value, paired with cutting-edge science and artificial intelligence, is more relevant than ever. I am eager to drive our growth, assisting companies globally to navigate risks and thrive through critical transitions successfully," says Petri Järvinen, CEO and Partner of NayaDaya Analytics Inc.

"We are fortunate to have Petri return to Finland to build a bridge from Finland to the world. Petri's expertise and international experience are exactly what we need as we are now ready to write a new chapter to our story after years of demanding development. I will focus all my efforts on creating customer value with the world-changing combination of science, AI, and empathy," says Timo Järvinen, Co-Founder, Value Creator & Evangelist of NayaDaya Analytics Inc.

"This is excellent news for our team and future ambitions. Petri's ability to boost sales, business, and cooperation with industry leading customers and partners around the world, combined with a deep understanding of the latest technological innovations, is a great combination when we are reaching for the global growth," says Timo Salomäki, Chairman of the Board of NayaDaya Analytics Inc.

Further Information

NayaDaya Analytics Inc. pioneers in People Risk Analytics™, offering a game-changing solution to identify people-related risks and avoid financially significant failures in mergers, acquisitions, and transformations. The patent-pending method and technology combines science-based algorithms, AI, empathy, and social sustainability. Discover more at


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