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Finland’s Brand Explored in Dubai Expo 2020 Through the NayaDaya® Empathy Analytics

An empathy study to be conducted in connection with the Finland pavilion provides answers to central questions regarding Finland’s brand. It will also give information about the impact of the investments made on the pavilion on Finland’s country image and people’s behavior.

The survey analyses emotion data, which is collected from the Dubai Expo visitors at Finland’s pavilion. The two target groups consist of visitors either entering the pavilion or leaving it after their visit. They are asked about emotions evoked by Finland and the most important reasons behind those emotions.

Finland-based NayaDaya Inc.’s empathy analytics reveals the most important elements in Finland’s brand among the two target groups. It also shows how visiting the pavilion impacts their image of Finland as well as their behavior and engagement toward Finland. The scientific method utilizes a research method developed at the University of Geneva.

”By putting ourselves into the shoes of people, and by utilizing emotions and science, we can identify the content of Finland’s brand and its attraction. The empathy analytics and algorithm show where it pays off to place most efforts to strengthen engagement, advocacy, and competitive edge”, says NayaDaya Inc.’s CEO Timo Järvinen.

The study will be conducted in Dubai during November 2021. The results will be reported later. NayaDaya Inc. is one of the Finland’s In-Cooperation Partners at Dubai Expo.

More information about Finland’s Pavilion in Dubai Expo:

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Timo Järvinen, CEO, Co-founder, NayaDaya Inc., tel. +358 40 505 7745,

Timo Salomäki, Chief Product Officer, NayaDaya Inc., tel. +358 40 709 2399,

NayaDaya Inc. is an empathy analytics company that helps companies and organizations to focus their efforts in a responsible and effective way, through stepping into the shoes of people. Empathy study topics include external and internal brands, phenomena, and changes. The scientific NayaDaya® Empathy Analytics is based on data, emotions, and the algorithm that predicts behavior. Further information at


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