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Identify People Risks – Avoid Employee Turnover and Quiet Quitting in 2024

If you are executing integrations, leading transformations, or starting business critical projects in 2024, now it is the time to identify the people risks: employee turnover, productivity loss, and quiet quitting.

According to studies, more and more employees are considering leaving their jobs. Losing and then replacing talented people is expensive, and finding new employees is difficult. At worst, this threatens the success of growth, integrations, transformations, and projects.

Our game-changing people risk analytics, based on emotions, science, and the Finnish-Swiss innovation, reveals the levels of and root causes behind employee-related risks. People will not be burdened; employees only respond to three questions. With the effective and exceptionally intuitive tools, you can target actions and minimize the fading and loss of employees' crucial contribution.

Traditional surveys do not understand engagement or disengagement. It is important to realize that satisfaction is about the comfort zone – it does not promote progress, commitment, and readiness for change.

If you like to see how to use the people risk analytics as an insurance for your integrations, changes, or projects, book a 30-minute meeting with us. We recommend not to take unnecessary risks that can have far-reaching consequences.

Let's discuss!

Timo Järvinen, CEO, Co-founder

NayaDaya Analytics Inc.

Tel. +358 40 505 7745

NayaDaya Analytics Inc. develops and delivers people risk analytics for transformations, post-merger integrations, critical projects, and due diligences. The science-based emotional and behavioral intelligence reveals the risk levels and the root causes for employee turnover, quiet quitting, and productivity loss. The standardized process, scalable platform, and exceptionally intuitive tools provide crucial information for decision-making and actions without burdening people. Further information at


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