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Ikea and Isku Engage Consumers Through High Level of Interest

When comparing the two furniture and interior brands, the Finnish Isku beat slightly the Swedish Ikea in the emotional value.

Ikea and Isku were included in the Brands’ Emotional Value study, published in the spring of 2020. According to the study, almost 80 percent of the 18-65 year old Finnish consumers felt positive emotions for both Ikea and Isku. The Emotional Value Index that predicts positive, engaged, and prosocial behavior, was a bit higher for Isku (EVI 58/100) than Ikea (EVI 57/100).

Both brands have twice the number of loyal customers compared to passives. Isku has more leavers, Ikea more adversaries. The highly engaging interest is particularly strong for both brands – stronger than the positive but disengaging satisfaction that often dominates consumer brand experiences. The most common emotions for both brands were interest, contentment, and disappointment.

“The large proportion of loyals and advocates are due to the positive, engaging emotional experiences that both brands evoke. Feelings of interest, joy, admiration, and even the most valuable emotion love, say a lot about brands that are not content to only meet expectations. There’s an interesting detail – Ikea arouses an exceptional amount of amusement among consumers who don’t have personal experience of the brand”, says Timo Järvinen, CEO of NayaDaya Inc.

The study was conducted by NayaDaya Inc. and the Data & Marketing Association of Finland in collaboration with the market-research company Norstat.

The premium data and report with the brand-specific emotion and behavior data and variables is available for a fee on the NayaDaya® Premium Data Store.

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