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Incorrect information concerning NayaDaya Inc. now corrected in business information services

If you have, during the past year, searched for information from the business information services, regarding empathy analytics company NayaDaya Inc., you may have, unfortunately, come across incorrect information.

Approximately a year ago during our IPR-processes, an international payment worth some 500 euros ended up in collections due to a misunderstanding. We thought we had become victims of fraud – there are operators, especially in IPR-business, who send fraudulent bills to companies. Once our mistake dawned upon us, we sorted out the situation and paid the bill immediately.

The collections agency, however, left the matter open. This is the reason why NayaDaya Inc., for the past year, has had an unjustified bad credit history that we were not aware of. When we heard about the situation in early March 2021, we contacted the collections agency where they corrected their mistake without delay. The unjustified bad credit history was removed from our company information. Unfortunately, the misleading information had remained visible to the public for a long period of time. I apologize for any misunderstandings that may have been caused by this incorrect information.

All information concerning our company in public registers and business information services is now up to date. Year 2020 financial statement is complete, and the fresh figures are available. Despite the challenging corona year, in the middle of development work, we managed to gain operating profit of more than 50 000 euros.

Many years of demanding product development has given birth to our unique empathy study method and scientific empathy analytics. In addition to our customers, the strengthening turnover and our dedicated team, financing received from company owners, Business Finland, Ely-centre (Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment), and Nordea/Finnvera are the key enablers to this development. Our readiness to study emotions, behavior, and engagement in connection with brands and phenomena is now high both in Finland and internationally.

The corona pandemic has shown the critical role emotions play in citizens’ and consumers’ behavior and survival in a crisis. The same applies to other phenomena related to the society, environment, and economy. Emotions also have the leading role in building or breaking connections between brands and people. Yet, understanding of emotions and their effects is limited. Views and actions are too often based on assumptions or distorted pictures created on social media.

Our solution is empathy. Empathy creates a truthful picture of emotions, strengthens democracy, and is the way to responsible influencing. I will gladly reflect with you on how an empathy study could support your organization’s or company’s life mission.

With warm collaborative regards,

Timo Järvinen, CEO, NayaDaya Inc.

Tel. +358 40 505 7745,

NayaDaya Inc. is an empathy analytics company that reveals the way emotions and behavior interact with phenomena and brands. Through data, insight, empathy, and impact, we empower organizations, authorities, brands, and leaders to strive for a sustainable change. If you respect science, empathy, and data, we would love to discuss with you. News and further information:


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