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"Most Mergers Fail Because People Aren't Boxes."


Identify the Root Causes for Engagement and Avoidance Among Your Stakeholders

If you want to know the concrete reasons that make your stakeholders engage in what you represent or promote, the answers cannot be found in traditional surveys. The amount of satisfaction does not correlate with engagement.​

You can find out the root causes for employee and customer loyalty and loss, for example, with Empathy Analytics™, a method based on emotions and science. Through frequent snapshots, you can guide your actions to build sustainable, profitable growth.

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"European talent is ready to walk out the door."

“Empathy analytics reveals the root causes of employee engagement and turnover at different stages of post-merger integrations. This way, we know where to focus our efforts in order to strengthen the readiness for change, to inspire people, and to make mergers and acquisitions successful.”

Rantalainen Group

Kimmo Martikainen, Senior Vice President, M&A

"Acquiring a new customer is anywhere from five to 25 times more expensive than retaining an existing one.."

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Don't Settle for Satisfaction

Did you know that satisfaction, which is traditionally studied, says nothing about engagement?

This fact is based on science. When emotions control behavior in a decisive way, engagement and disengagement form one dimension of behavior. When exploring the impact of emotions on behavior, it is seen that the amount of contentment does not correlate with engagement. This is easily overlooked by those who are used to satisfaction surveys.

Satisfaction surveys do not reveal why people engage in certain jobs and employers, transformations and integrations, brands, products and services, cities and municipalities, and places of study – or social rights and obligations, such as vaccinations, recycling, paying taxes, or voting.


If you want to understand engagement, satisfaction surveys are useless. Fortunately, getting the answers is not difficult. All you need is  emotions, science, and Empathy Analytics™. You will receive your key answers in four weeks without the burden of traditional surveys.

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