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Science & AI-Driven People Risk Analytics™ for M&A Integrations and Transformations

People Risk Analytics™ in Two Minute Video

NayaDaya Analytics Inc. pioneers in People Risk Analytics™, offering a game-changing solution to identify people-related risks and avoid financially significant failures in mergers, acquisitions, and transformations. The patent-pending method and technology combines science-based algorithms, AI, empathy, and social sustainability.

Read more about People Risk Analytics™

Read more about People Risk Analytics™ for M&A

"European talent is ready to walk out the door."


“People risk analytics provides us with crucial insights and action recommendations to minimize people-related risks and to build successful integrations and future business.”

Rantalainen Group

Kimmo Martikainen, Senior Vice President, M&A

"People and culture issues are the most common reasons of failing integrations."


NayaDaya Analytics News

Willingness to support organizational change collapsed from 74% of employees in 2016 to just 43% in 2022."


Glimpse of Science: Traditional Survey Scales Do Not Correlate With Engagement

"Emotional and behavioral science tells us that the traditional survey scales, such as satisfaction, do not correlate with engagement and disengagement. If you want to find out what is engaging or disengaging people, the traditional surveys are useless.


Employee engagement is not the same as feeling contentment – continuing as before and staying in the comfort zone. Engagement means dynamic actions, participating, and rolling up the sleeves when facing changes and challenges.


Unfortunately, satisfaction or even tendency to recommend one's employer do not indicate engagement. On the contrary, they correlate with passivity and even unwillingness to engage in anything new. This is particularly problematic during changes."

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