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Rantalainen Group Strengthens Its Employee Engagement in Mergers and Acquisitions

Financial management service company Rantalainen Group, which is renewing its ownership base, is looking for rapid growth in the Nordic markets through acquisitions and integrations. Their success is supported by NayaDaya Inc.'s Empathy Analytics that identifies the root causes of employee retention.

With the arrangement published in January, Rantalainen's new majority shareholder will be the Nordic private equity firm Norvestor. The growth targets are high.

"Rantalainen's rapid growth in the Nordic markets means that the number and size of our mergers and acquisitions will increase even more. In a employee-intensive industry and in the midst of difficult labor availability, it is of the utmost importance that people are taken care of and that the employer's retention power is strong," says Senior Vice President, M&A Kimmo Martikainen at Rantalainen Group.

The success of the post-merger integration determines the realization of the M&A goals. Ultimately, it's about people: will the employees of the acquired company commit to the change that affects everyone? According to Martikainen, people's main thought is "what's going to happen to me".

Focus on Values, Retention, and Growth

At Rantalainen Group, the employees of the companies acquired are listened to and understood in a way that reveals the most significant issues for both people and the success of integrations. Critical answers cannot be found from traditional employee surveys – Empathy Analytics based on emotions, science, and data points out in a concrete way what engages or disengages people.

Martikainen emphasizes that the conditions, expectations, and emotions in the acquired companies vary, and there is no single recipe for managing the integration.

"Empathy analytics reveals the root causes of employee engagement and turnover at different stages of post-merger integrations. This way, we know where to focus our efforts in order to strengthen the readiness for change, to inspire people, and to make mergers and acquisitions successful. The solution promotes our values, increases our retention power, and strengthens our ambitious growth strategy," says Martikainen.

The method, the platform, and the algorithm developed by the Finnish company NayaDaya Inc. have been used in Rantalainen Group since spring 2022.

Further Information

Rantalainen Group is Finland’s largest financial administration services company, employing 1,200 financial and payroll administration professionals. The group offers comprehensive and modern financial administration services to companies and other organizations of all sizes locally. Rantalainen’s customer base consists of about 20,000 companies and communities. The Group has more than 60 offices in Finland and Sweden and revenues of more than 100 million euros. The company was founded in 1972. Further information at

NayaDaya Inc. empowers its customers to identify the root causes of engagement and avoidance among their stakeholders. Empathy Analytics®, based on emotions, science, and data, reveals the reasons for employee and customer loyalty and loss, for example. Recurring snapshots help companies and organizations to target their actions, to build sustainable, profitable growth. Further information at


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