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Renamed NayaDaya Analytics Reveals People Risks

The Finnish developer of the emotional and behavioral intelligence, NayaDaya Inc. has changed its name to NayaDaya Analytics Inc. The new name portrays the company's evolution, through science-based innovations, towards the unique people risk analytics and scalable robotics.

NayaDaya was founded seven years ago to promote global empathy by making it possible to express, understand, and pay attention to human emotions with a a science-based technology. From the beginning, the scientific background was in the research and studies conducted by the University of Geneva, Switzerland.

On the built platform, data has been collected and analyzed in different contexts such as media news content, brands, employers, transformations, M&A, social phenomena, and sustainability. During the evolution of the solution, it has been used by many leading brands and public organizations in Finland. The development has been funded by Google, Business Finland, and NextGenerationEU.

The Deepest Insight into People Risks With the Smallest Effort

"We are the most grateful for our customers, partners, and supporters who have made it possible to succeed in this long and demanding development journey. There is a lot of work ahead, but now our focus, product market fit, and business model are clear. It is inspiring to start the new phase with a new name," says Timo Järvinen, CEO and Co-founder of the company now named as NayaDaya Analytics Inc.

The words Naya and Daya originate in India. They symbolize different viewpoints and compassion. NayaDaya Analytics and the green symbol depict the combination of people and empathy, science and analytics, and engagement – especially during changes and transformations.

"Through stepping into the shoes of people, for example in transformations and M&A processes, it is possible to build both financial success and social sustainability. This is not just another employee survey or pulse, far from it. Our goal, to create the deepest insight into people risks with the smallest effort by customers, has been reached innovation by innovation," Timo Järvinen continues.

Innovations With Unique Value to Solve the Growing Problem

One of the groundbreaking innovations is an algorithm that predicts behavior, especially engagement and disengagement. Science and emotions make it possible – it is something that the traditional surveys and metrics cannot disclose. Further innovations include a science-based root cause analysis, an action plan automation, and an order-to-delivery process covered entirely by robotics.

The outcome is a totally scalable service platform which does not burden people. Only three standard questions are needed as an input. The output includes action points and even concrete recommendations, to reveal and avoid the people risks such as employee turnover and decrease in productivity.

"With our scientific people risk analytics we can provide our customers a standardized, effective, repeatable, and amazingly simple method to tackle the ever-increasing problem of employee and productivity loss, especially in transformations and post-merger integrations. Many studies confirm the magnitude of this challenge. Together with our agents and partners, it is now time to bring the value of this born-global multilingual analytics to companies and organizations worldwide," says Timo Salomäki, Chairman and Chief Product Officer of NayaDaya Analytics Inc.

"We are solving a global problem that is very expensive for companies and employers. Identifying and minimizing people risks strengthen sustainable and profitable growth. To carry out our mission, we need customers, partners, and agents. With angel investors, we are happy to discuss the ongoing funding round. More than half of it is already subscribed" , Timo Järvinen points out.

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NayaDaya Analytics Inc. develops and delivers people risk analytics for employers, mergers & acquisitions, and capital investors. The analytics can be used, for example, in the context of post-merger integrations, transformations, and due diligences. The science-based emotional and behavioral intelligence reveals the risk levels and the root causes for employee turnover and productivity loss. The standardized process, scalable platform, and exceptionally intuitive tools provide crucial information for decision-making and actions without burdening people. Further information at


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