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Study: Ecological Sustainability Engages Jyväskylä Region Public Transport’s Customers

Customer experiences about public transport and its sustainability were explored in a study conducted by Linkki local transport service and empathy analytics company NayaDaya Inc.

The study, conducted in May 2022, analyzed customer experiences at Jyväskylä Region Public Transport from both a comprehensive viewpoint as well as in more detail from the ecological, social, and governance aspects. The method used in the study was Empathy Analytics™ based on emotions, science, and data, which reveal the root causes for emotions and their effects on behavior.

Customer experience at Jyväskylä Region Public Transport is positive: 80 percent of the respondents experience positive emotions toward the Linkki local transport service. The most typical of the expressed emotions is contentment; customer experience also includes relief, pleasure, and interest. There are only few negative emotions, of which the most common is disappointment.

Positive customer experiences stem most often from the functionality of the local transport service, the timetables, service network, avoiding the use of private transportation, and prices. Among the strong signals were also the drivers and customer service, which both received positive remarks. The emotions expressed toward traveling are only positive.

The study concentrated specifically on sustainability. Approximately 70 percent of the respondents experience positive emotions toward the Linkki local transport service’s sustainability. The root causes of the emotions are most often linked to environmental and social responsibility. The governance aspect is mentioned less often.

Under the environmental sustainability, the development of environmentally friendly equipment and the avoidance of the use of private transportation is emphasized whereas the service ability, the drivers, customer service, and safety are the main topics in social responsibility.

”The empathy study shows that sustainable actions include and engage our customers in public transport. Efforts in the fields of developing environmentally friendly equipment and diminishing our carbon footprint provide a basis for this. When ecological sustainability is combined with good service ability and passenger comfort, the basis for public transport’s sustainable growth is good," says Jyväskylä Region Public Transport’s Service Manager Kari Ström.

The study, which attracted 626 respondents, was conducted in May as an open enquiry.

Further information

Kari Ström, Service Manager, City of Jyväskylä, tel. +358 50 60 943, kari.strom[at]

Timo Järvinen, CEO, NayaDaya Inc, tel. +358 40 505 7745, timo.jarvinen[at]


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