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Study: Well-being, Organic Products and Sustainability Engage Ruohonjuuri’s Customers

The holistic wellbeing retail chain Ruohonjuuri turned out to be record positive and engaging with its responsible products and services when the science-based research method and key figures of the empathy analytics company NayaDaya Inc. were used as metrics.

Ruohonjuuri's brand experiences were analyzed in October 2022 with an empathy survey in which 762 registered regular customers participated. The emotions were exceptionally positive and engaging. As many as 94 percent of respondents report positive emotions towards Ruohonjuuri, most often interest, contentment, pleasure, and joy. Negative emotions are experienced by only one percent of the respondents, insignificance by six percent.

Emotion Impact®, which predicts positive, engaged, and prosocial behavior, received a record high value of 79/100 from Ruohonjuuri's customers. The number is the highest among the brands studied so far.

Well-being, Organic Products, and Sutainability Engage Customers

Empathy Analytics™, based on emotions and science, reveals the sources of loyalty and shows the direction to actions: What engages people and what doesn't? Where to target efforts to strengthen customer retention and to avoid customer loss?

The results show that Ruohonjuuri's customers are engaged in their own well-being and the organic and ecologically responsible products. The product selection with its novelties arouses interest. Strong signals include also high-quality customer service, pleasant stores, and the ethicality of operations. Weak signals cover, for example, veganism, which is emphasized by only one percent of the respondents.

Empathy Helps to Put Oneself in the Customers' Shoes

Young adults' experiences included more joy, pride, admiration, and love – emotions that indicate special connection, engagement, and significance.

"The younger generation has been born into a world where comprehensive care for one's own well-being and responsibility for the environment and other people increasingly influence daily choices and consumer behavior," says Päivi Korteniemi, Director of Customer Experience at Ruohonjuuri.

Ruohonjuuri wants to make responsible consumption as easy as possible, and that's why Ruohonjuuri's experts curate the selection according to exact sustainability and quality criteria. However, the recipe for success is not only sought from products, but also from expert service that genuinely listens to customers.

"We want to bring joy and vitality to our customers with personal service and compassion, and by putting ourselves in people's shoes. With the help of empathy analytics, we can get below the surface into the customers' emotions, the sources of engagement, and into the needed actions. We see critical issues that have been left in the dark by traditional surveys and metrics," emphasizes Päivi Korteniemi.

Further Information

Ruohonjuuri is a holistic well-being retail chain specializing in organic food, natural cosmetics, and health products, with 15 stores in Finland. Additionally, the online store serves Finnish, Swedish and international customers. Ruohonjuuri's operations are based on strong values, ecology, and sustainability. Fair trade is conducted with respect for people and nature and by believing in relevance and vitality. Further information at

NayaDaya Inc. empowers its customers to identify the root causes of engagement and avoidance among their stakeholders. Empathy Analytics®, based on emotions, science, and data, reveals the reasons for employee and customer loyalty and loss, for example. Recurring snapshots help companies and organizations to target their actions, to build sustainable, profitable growth. Further information at

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