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Webinar: Executing Sustainable M&A Integrations Through Science, AI, and Empathy

Our webinars on June 27 focused on inclusive and socially sustainable M&A integrations. To discover how to combine pragmatic people risk management with empathy, AI, and science-driven innovation, watch the free webinar recording.

In M&A integrations, high employee turnover and productivity collapse often lead to costly failures. A major reason for this is the way companies treat people during and after these transactions.

An inclusive and socially sustainable M&A process must recognize and acknowledge employees' perspectives and address the pain points that cause them to leave. Beyond that, it should inspire people to become co-creators and change-makers of meaningful growth. By emphasizing misleading, one-dimensional metrics such as satisfaction and recommendations, companies risk keeping their people in a comfort zone, which does not promote change.

This is where the benefits and growth for people and business converge. Groundbreaking tools to avoid failures and strive for success are found in the combination of empathy, science, and AI.

If you're looking to stay ahead and take crucial steps to make people the driving force of your growth, gain insights from Timo Järvinen, Co-Founder at NayaDaya Analytics Inc., and Maria Kausto-Turner, Partner at NayaDaya Analytics Inc., as they host this insightful webinar in English.

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