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Blog: M&A and Sustainability – Building Inclusive Integrations

"If you want to build socially sustainable integrations and transformations while tackling the people-related risks of employee turnover and productivity collapse, all you need is the willingness to focus on people. The right tools are already in place," writes Timo Järvinen, Co-Founder of Finnish NayaDaya Analytics Inc.

Since we all are human beings and 98 percent of us are capable of empathy, it should be self-evident to appreciate the intrinsic value of the human experience. Ultimately, what else do we truly have? Empathy involves stepping into the shoes of others, acknowledging their experiences and viewpoints. Putting this into practice is called social sustainability.

It should be equally clear for all companies and organizations that paying attention to human experiences is the best way to not only stay in business but to thrive and grow. Employee retention and productivity as well as employee turnover, quiet quitting, and productivity collapse are all strongly influenced by emotional experiences.

The encouraging news – which should hardly be considered news anymore – is that embracing these truths benefits both people and businesses. From an employer's perspective, the stakes are particularly high during M&A integrations and transformations.

Fostering Empathy and Managing People Risks Through Science and AI

How do we apply these principles practically? How do we construct a post-merger integration, transformation, or growth that is rooted in empathy and social sustainability?

At NayaDaya Analytics Inc., we began our journey into human emotions and behavior nearly eight years ago with a primary goal to foster empathy. In our intensive development, we have addressed the practical challenge: How can we empower our clients to be socially sustainable, engage their employees, and mitigate people-related risks such as employee turnover and productivity loss?

Instead of further developing traditional methods, we adopted a science-based, innovative approach. Our aim was to direct our clients' efforts towards what's most crucial for both people and business, as simple and effectively as possible, eliminating all background noise.

With several innovations, through a patent-pending method and technology combining science and AI, we have achieved our goal. By posing just three intuitive questions to employees, our People Risk Analytics™ identifies potential risks by predicting employee behavior across several dimensions.

The initial result is a people risk level, scored from 0 to 100. The higher the number, the greater the risk of failure in integration or transformation. The second result arises from root cause analytics, where our science- and AI-based algorithms reveal the underlying reasons for employee retention or turnover. The third result provides tailored action recommendations, based on the specific situation and even the stage of the change process, to mitigate risks and ensure successful changes.

True Wellbeing – Co-Creation of Meaning and Purpose

Returning to my initial point, this represents only one side of the coin. These innovative indicators and action analytics not only highlight how to avoid people-related risks and financial losses but also offer an empathetic and inclusive approach to implement integrations and transformations. This process deeply involves individuals by considering their subjective, sometimes contradictory emotions and the reasons behind them.

Our action guidelines aim to alleviate human distress, enhance social sustainability and well-being, and promote successful changes, high performance, and growth. The well-being I refer to transcends mere satisfaction, which can make people passive and keep them in the comfort zone. True well-being encompasses happiness about achievements but is primarily about motivation, inspiration, and a commitment to explore new avenues and make a difference.

Social sustainability includes fulfilling people's basic needs. But more than ever, it should also be about co-creating a meaning and a purpose. This is the future well-being we all need, to be part of the solution, not the problem.

Through this unique and sophisticated process with standardized AI- and science-based tools, we provide an amazingly simple way for companies and organizations to achieve extraordinary excellence in their integrations or transformations, or generally as employers. This excellence involves minimizing risks, maximizing performance, and inclusively co-creating highly meaningful human experiences, all of which build a competitive advantage for the change-makers and future leaders.

What is required from a company, an organization, or an employer? The answer is the best news of all: only one thing – the will to pay attention to people. That's it. The right tools are available, to show the appropriate actions. The results will follow.

Timo Järvinen, Co-Founder, Value Creator

NayaDaya Analytics Inc.

Tel. +358 40 505 7745

NayaDaya Analytics Inc. pioneers in People Risk Analytics™, offering a game-changing solution to identify people-related risks and avoid financially significant failures in mergers, acquisitions, and transformations. The patent-pending method and technology combines science-based algorithms, AI, empathy, and social sustainability. Discover more at 


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