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Webinar: Inclusive M&A Integrations – AI and Science-Powered Sustainability

Building socially sustainable M&A integrations was the focus of our webinars May 28 and May 30. Discover how Finnish-Swiss, AI and science-powered tools can make this happen. The webinar recording is now available.

M&A integrations and transformations often confront challenges such as high risks of employee turnover and productivity collapses. At NayaDaya Analytics Inc., we harness a unique blend of AI and science to tackle these issues directly.

Our People Risk Analytics™ uses a game-changing approach to predict and mitigate people-related risks by addressing employee emotions and behaviors across several dimensions, unlike the profoundly misleading surveys with one-dimensional scales.

Our solution deeply engages individuals without the burden of traditional surveys. It understands people's subjective and sometimes contradictory emotions, as well as the underlying reasons behind them.

Empathy and intuitive tools not only identify actions to avoid risks and financial losses but also target key aspects of change. This shifts employees from distress or satisfaction-based comfort zones to emotional and behavioral spaces driven by a sense of purpose and a commitment to meaningful change.

True sustainability is about engaging and empowering people as forward-looking seekers and creators of meaning, rather than passive bystanders unwilling to engage in change. This is where science, AI, empathy, and social sustainability empower both people and businesses.

If you're looking to stay ahead and take crucial steps to gain a competitive edge, watch our 30-minute webinar recording to discover more. Gain insights from Timo Järvinen, Co-Founder at NayaDaya Analytics Inc., and Maria Kausto-Turner, Partner at NayaDaya Analytics Inc., as they host this insightful webinar in English.

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NayaDaya Analytics Inc.


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